Monday, 20 May 2013

Skaven Tester

Okay recently I have bought/traded and been given a few Skaven with an ultimate goal to make this my next viable 3rd edition Oldhammer army.

Test piece was done over the weekend and I am quite happy with it.. Muted tones again I think I am in my muted tones era of painting ;)
Went with the traditional metallic green for the globes, catachan green for the robes and mecharite red with a touch of black for the hood. Liberally dosed with devlan mud and a few final highlights.

As usual I have not done the basing. I am terrible for not basing minis... really must pull my finger out and get them done.

More Reapers Done

Okay after a brief hiatus due to illness and general life I am back on form.. Finished painting 4 more Reapers to get a starting squad of 10 done. The minimum required for a 3k undead army in 3rd edition.
I may go on to finish them or more likely I will go onto a generic skeleton unit with hand weapons next..

Anyway onto some pics.