Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Vampires & Wraiths

Okay its been a while but I have an excuse..
Actually not really its winter and I always paint less and that with a couple of illnesses has meant I am behind on what I wanted to get done.
On the plus side though I have been sorting my other armies and seeing what I have and what I need. I have done this to my Squats so expect a post on them sometime.

Anyways I did get some paint onto lead these last few weeks. A few more of the Night Horror Range.
2 more vampires. 1 looks like the classic Nosferatu from the original film and the other is a classic female vampire seen in many films (I just had to do the white hair streak too..).
All 5 of the Wraiths from the Night Horror range are now done as are 2 of the mummies (I got the 3rd after I had based and primed the rest so he is late to the party).

Enjoy and Squats up soon..

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Star Scorpions Close Ups

Okay a few close ups for those squinting at the pic..

The eagle eyed amongst you will spot a painted test mini hidden in amongst 1 of the devastator squads. I forgot to photo him separately while the sun was out so I do not have a good pic of him yet
Hopefully will do this next weekend with an update.
A lot are in an old colour scheme which I was never happy with. I should be able to repaint some of these and will just strip the rest.


Star Scorpions - Rogue Trader Space Marine Army WIP

Okay onto my marines then..
Firstly the minis.. This army contains a complete set of rogue trader marines. At least 1 of each variant with some doubles to make up numbers and turn it into an army.
As an army I am looking for a few more bits but as a collection it is done.
I also managed to get my paws on the unreleased chapter standard and the Colin Dixon prototype for the collection..

As an army there are a few bits I am after.
4x Bullock Jet Cycles
1 second version of the bikes (the winged version)
3 terminators with thunder hammer storm shield and the close combat body
1 turbofan jumpack
2 cloaked backpacks

If you have any please let me know :)


Okay the colour scheme will be Star Scorpions. These are essentially the same as the Mentor Legion as the Mentor Legion was given the Star Scorpions colours and chapter number of 888 after the Star Scorpions were declared dead because they could not create more marines due to bad genenseed. Now the back story win WD98 does not say they all died just that the remaining chapter members were declared dead.. Kind of like a MIA chapter really so I am looking at this being there last Hurrah taking it to the Xeno up close.
Now I chose Star Scorpions over Mentors because strictly speaking the Mentor Legion will only ever field 1 or 2 units alongside another force as an Elite Cadre. So seeing as I wanted a chapter in the same colour scheme but wanted to keep the fluff intact I went with the Star Scorpions.
This way I get to keep in line with background story and get to paint the army I like.

So onto what you have probably skipped down past my waffling and onto... Pics

Overview followed by some close ups.



More pics in the next few posts

Ghosts From The Night Horror Range Done

Okay it's been a while I admit it.. Work is still non stop and looks to be this way until mid January now so my painting time is suffering.
On top of that I have been getting a bit bored painting only undead.

So with this in mind and in preparation of the new year a few months back I will be trying a new approach.
I will be painting up my undead alongside my Rogue Trader Marines (see the next post for these).
This should help me keep focused on painting lead a bit better.
I am also planning on mixing in some Necromunda minis at some point too so watch this space..

Anyway diversion aside I have painted up the 6 ghost minis from the Night Horror range.
Nothing special but I am happy with the result. I went from codex grey to elf grey to white and then did 2 thin washes. 1 of thraka green and the other my old favourite devlan mud.
I am pleased with the result and plan of using it on other minis later in the army.

Marines up next..


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Undead Skeleton Reapers Complete

Okay after a brief hiatus from painting due to life I am back :)

Got my reapers finished over the last few weeks and have a 2000 point undead vs dwarf battle set for tomorrow..
Unfortunately the battle will be with unpainted stuff so no nice pics but the idea will be to learn the rules a bit better.

Anyway light has been bad recently so not the best pics in the world but hopefully you will get the general idea and 1 day I might be able to take a decent photo ;)

I am not 100% happy with the standard and may go back to him some day to alter it. Maybe another colour to spit it or a border added..

Thursday, 29 August 2013

More Chariot Progress

More progress on the chariots...

They are at a stage where I can game with them now. I need to add grass and flowers to the bases but will do that once I have finished the next unit off to do a big lot in one go.
I have also found a banner pole that came with the set which I need to paint up and attach to one of them.

These were nice and easy to paint and a fresh break from rank and file..

Monday, 26 August 2013

First Undead Chariot Done

Okay another post..

Not done as much painting as I should have recently. Work has kicked in again and this weekend I have managed to hurt my should limiting what I can do.

I have almost finished my first chariot though. Just need to finish up the basing and glue the chariot in place.

The driver is stuck in place and I filled in the slot for the passenger. the though is that the space at the back is big enough to just put a regular guy on a base there or swap him out for a character if I feel like it.
I have 2 more on the go of these. both have the same setup.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Vampire, a book and some Knights of Law

Okay I am still about and painting.. A bit slower now though as I am doing an extra hour a day at work so not getting home until 7 and finished settling and eating by 8 :(

But I have been plodding along and painting a few bits. I even managed to get a small 300pt skirmish in of 3rd edition during the week.... No pics of the skirmish as the scenery needs work but I will be working on it so pics will be up son of battles.

Anyway what I have done recently.
3 of the Knights of Law box set are painted. I have decided to go for some of the old coloured metallic on some parts just for the hell of it.. These will be used as random warriors for all sorts of scenarios.
I have also done a night horror vampire and a random book on a pedestal I had laying about (not sure what to do with the base yet).

Monday, 29 July 2013

August Painting Challenge - Chaos Warband

Okay this one is going to be a bit of a rush..
I need to get these finished in time for the Oldhammer event taking place at Wargames Foundry (thank you) at the end of august beginning of September weekend.
My warband consists of
1 Chaos Champion
1 Undead version if he dies
2 Dwarves with crossbows
5 Dwarves
2 Ogres
10 Cultists disguised as the Knight of Law Preslotta Box Set ;)

So I have flash trimmed and glued to bases so far. Will be hopefully putting a mix of sand/slate/glue gloop on the bases today after this so they can dry overnight ready for undercoats and slapping of paint onto them..

Pics ahoy..

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oldhammer June Challenge Complete Pt2 - Undead

Okay last set of pics for the June/July Challenge..


Oldhammer June Challenge Complete Pt1 - Undead

Okay June is done and dusted.. Just in time for the start of next weeks August Challenge.

Not much to say other than it is a unit of 30 skeletons with heavy armour and shields lead by a fallen champion.. Now just a level 5 skeleton champion.

Pics coming up for your delight...

More in the next post