Sunday, 30 June 2013

Monthly Challenge Continued

5 more rank and file for the unit... The skeleton on the far left was in the first blister pack I bought decades ago.

Monthly Challenge Progress

Okay I have got some progress on my July challenge for the Oldhammer forums ;)

The first 9 of the unit are done except for shields and basing which I am planning to do last.

Lead by a minor chaos champion (counts as an undead hero) whose soul has been trapped by necromancy preventing him from travelling to the afterlife..

 continued on the next post.. pics are being stupid and not resizing properly..



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Oldhammer Painting Month

Hi all,

Midweek update ;)
Over on the Oldhammer forum a group of us have started painting together to help get some of the mountain of lead we own between us painted before it either rots away or we do..
It started last weekend and finishes up at the end of July. Now with this in mind and a realisation of just how much lead I have I have started to paint with a new outlook.
I have picked a unit of 30 skeletons mixed between the original FTS series preslotta, later C series preslotta and a splattering of later slotta skellies from marauder, GW and good Old Bob Olleys own.

This is how they started out. I will put some updates up next weekend. Not a great pic but I will do better next week.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Genestealer Cult Testers

Okay a few test minis for my future Hybrid army today.. The Patriarch was actually painted a while back and traded away but I got it back on Thursday and he fits in perfect with the army so far.

Next post will be some more fantasy. On the Oldhammer forum I have joined up with a painting league/no prize com to help lazy people like myself get stuff done :)
It is a unit a month or upto 30 minis. So today I am prepping, assembling and basing the unit and I should  start painting them tomorrow.
I am also planning on doing a few random bits here and there for fresh pics here on the blog but I do not want to spoil my entry by posting it here just yet ;)

Anyway Hybrid Goodness for you.. I will be using Catachans for the brood brothers. The muscles are the result of alien dna.. Its the only logical explanation as to why a Marine chapter has not jumped onto the planet to use there obvious strength trait to create a superior marine chapter........

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Lead Again

Had a few more parcels turn up these last couple of weeks with some new toys inside :)
The postman must be getting sick of weighty parcels always coming here...

Finally got a start to the Sven scenario minis with 4 Norse, 5 Slann and a Slave. Some preslotta dwarves in there including the mail order special. A skeleton standard again preslotta. 2 new preslotta zombies 1 of which is the zombie corpse or as my friend put it a zombie laying in wait for a nearby snack human to arrive. Plus a few other goodies as you can see.
There is a few I am not sure on what they are but I like them all so I am happy..

More Dragon WiP

Okay I'm still here.. Painting is slowing to a glacial speed due to trying to sort the games room and moving miniatures 1 at a time takes hours :(
I did sign up for the Oldhammer painting challenge though which starts on the 15th. Basically you get 1 month to paint up a single unit/warband/monster etc. and then post your pics for a vote.. No prizes its just to help to motivate which is just what I need.

Anyway pics.. its a bit late and gloomy so not great images I am afraid.. Ahh well I am not photo expert and if its not blurred or has a finger over the lens its a win for me.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Here Be Dragons..

Afternoon all..

A lot has happened last few weeks to stop me painting. Most significantly was my cooker dying and trying to kill me with carbon monoxide. Thankfully we had an alarm in the building.
If you do not have one I cannot stress how important one is. For less than half the price of a box of space marines one of these will keep you safe from the odourless killer..

Anyway enough about that and onwards with some lead (I know lead is bad for me too).

Recently I got a lovely dragon mini off ebay but in true ebay style the pic used was from Solegends (awesome website) and the one I received was not quite as pictured.
Mainly it had 2 left arms and was missing a leg. Even worse was that the spare arm was damaged so its no good for trading either, so I guess its to the mutations box with it. Eventually I got a partial refund and managed to source a spare leg from a different seller.

I am planning on doing this a bit different seeing as it is a large mini I will be showing several Wip pics as it goes along.

so here it is as it stands now

Had a dry run fitting and the left wing and arm share a socket so its going to be a pain to assemble but I have my own fire dragon :)

More updates soon