Sunday, 19 January 2014

Imperial fists still going..

2 weeks and 2 updates I'm on a roll... ;)

Still going on the imperial fists and have the first squad nearly done. Im not happy with the sergeant on a couple of bits and need to do squad markings plus basing... but I have 10 done and a rhino halfway.
I have gone with a multimelta and a meltgun for this first squad and the rhino has a waving rhino rider.

Pics below and I'm off to start mixing up my basing blend of sand/slate/heavy duty pva and water. Planning on basing the squad plus a horde of zombies today and maybe a bit of painting this evening.


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Rogue Trader Marines - Imperial Fists Test

Okay okay okay I know I promised Squats up next but I got distracted..

I need to get my rogue trader marine army painted for august this year and I was going to be doing Star Scorpions.
Unfortunately they were taking me ages to paint and I got a total of 1 finished and 4 half done before I lost my painting mojo..

Then they sat on the desk taunting me over Christmas....
Last week I decided to do something about it and find a new faster chapter to do. So after much scouring of internet pics I decided on Imperial fists. nice and simple just iyaden darksun with a ogryn flesh wash followed by a highlight of iyaden darksun again then a little bleached bone added into the mix.

Anyway a wip test of the first 4 minis. No squad or chapter marking yet. I need to decide on a nice quick way to do them still.

Let me know what you think.

not much red on them as no chest eagles on the old minis. I have also decided on 2nd company for them as no shoulder pad rims either so the yellow fits in. Another 6 are started to finish up the squad
then I am considering doing a rhino for them too.

and yes those are confrontation tech gangers and the Christmas marines in the background.. More failed Christmas painting attempts......

Until next time