Monday, 29 July 2013

August Painting Challenge - Chaos Warband

Okay this one is going to be a bit of a rush..
I need to get these finished in time for the Oldhammer event taking place at Wargames Foundry (thank you) at the end of august beginning of September weekend.
My warband consists of
1 Chaos Champion
1 Undead version if he dies
2 Dwarves with crossbows
5 Dwarves
2 Ogres
10 Cultists disguised as the Knight of Law Preslotta Box Set ;)

So I have flash trimmed and glued to bases so far. Will be hopefully putting a mix of sand/slate/glue gloop on the bases today after this so they can dry overnight ready for undercoats and slapping of paint onto them..

Pics ahoy..

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oldhammer June Challenge Complete Pt2 - Undead

Okay last set of pics for the June/July Challenge..


Oldhammer June Challenge Complete Pt1 - Undead

Okay June is done and dusted.. Just in time for the start of next weeks August Challenge.

Not much to say other than it is a unit of 30 skeletons with heavy armour and shields lead by a fallen champion.. Now just a level 5 skeleton champion.

Pics coming up for your delight...

More in the next post

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Rogue Trader Hardback Limited Edition

Okay I know a lot of you will be saying but the hardback copy was not limited edition just the earlier version out of the hardback and softback.

Well this one is.... Back when it was released a few copies were given out to those who helped make the game.
This one belonged to Graeme Davis before he donated it to a gaming group in Bristol many years ago. Even with living at a gaming group it managed to survive really well and still has all the pages intact with very minor wear and tear.
I found it on a commonly used auction site (yes that one). Going for a steal...

Anyway now it is safe with my rogue trader collection..

More Undead Painted - Grenadier Pterodactyl

Okay I am still plugging along on the Oldhammer unit challenge but in the week it was too hot and I got side-tracked.
anyway here is a nice piece by Grenadier I have done. Not sure on what it will be fielded as but I like to think it was a ranger and his mount in life....

Manfish - Yes they were really called that

Okay a few posts today as I have been slacking and have a lot of updates.
Firstly I have decided that since I receive a lot of lead through various channels I will only be posting pieces that I consider rarer than the usual everyday mini's and stuff I am painting (for now anyways).

These come under that list ;)

Manfish came out in 1st edition and seemed to have died with it. Not sure why maybe they tasted like tuna and due to there terrible stat line were all wiped out and cooked..
These were made in the day with the weapons separate so most come up with bare open hands. Fortunately I got 2 spears with mine but I will need to source 4 alternate weapons for the others. The spears in the pic still have the metal sprue tabs on the end so don't worry they are not miscasts.

Not decided on a paint scheme yet. I will need to look at some fish in nature and pick something (no not a clown fish).

anyway here they are.

I have printed out a new background to hopefully make the pics a bit better. Let me know if it works?

Warhammer 1st Edition Arrives..

Okay its arrived..
I now officially own copies of 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition
Now on to tracking down expansions and scenarios. On the plus side my copy of 1st edition did come with the bonus battalion's book that was given away free in the 80s and seems to be not very common to find...