Sunday, 25 May 2014

Undead Skeleton Death Rider Cavalry

Well weeks with nothing and 3 posts all in quick succession.. These guys are the start of my death rider cavalry for my undead army. I have around another 16 or so to paint but they are not a lot of fun to do so will probably be done sporadically inbetween other projects.
So far I have 2 regular troops, 1 of Bob Olley's death rider champions (guy with bronze wings) and a Liche character to add to my selection of various hero minis.

Well that's everything so far. More updates as I get stuff painted so stay tuned..



  1. Good Job Dale, keep up the painting :)

  2. Thanks Chico. Getting there slowly.. and I found out my camera had switched off the macro function so worse pics than usual this time :(