Saturday, 20 July 2013

Rogue Trader Hardback Limited Edition

Okay I know a lot of you will be saying but the hardback copy was not limited edition just the earlier version out of the hardback and softback.

Well this one is.... Back when it was released a few copies were given out to those who helped make the game.
This one belonged to Graeme Davis before he donated it to a gaming group in Bristol many years ago. Even with living at a gaming group it managed to survive really well and still has all the pages intact with very minor wear and tear.
I found it on a commonly used auction site (yes that one). Going for a steal...

Anyway now it is safe with my rogue trader collection..


  1. That is quite the find! Well done indeed!

  2. I thought I was jealous of your 1st and 2nd ed editionsof WHFB but now I see this I'm just crying on the floor. I bought my RT book a looong time ago and it was already 2nd hand. Now it's a total mess with pages missing and everything...
    Well done mate, Glad such a gold nugget goes to a fine oldhammerer.

  3. You can still pick up regular copies quite cheap. Might be an idea to grab one now before they go up with all the Oldhammer lovin going on...
    all these I have picked up in the last 7 months and I have never paid huge amounts for them..