Monday, 29 July 2013

August Painting Challenge - Chaos Warband

Okay this one is going to be a bit of a rush..
I need to get these finished in time for the Oldhammer event taking place at Wargames Foundry (thank you) at the end of august beginning of September weekend.
My warband consists of
1 Chaos Champion
1 Undead version if he dies
2 Dwarves with crossbows
5 Dwarves
2 Ogres
10 Cultists disguised as the Knight of Law Preslotta Box Set ;)

So I have flash trimmed and glued to bases so far. Will be hopefully putting a mix of sand/slate/glue gloop on the bases today after this so they can dry overnight ready for undercoats and slapping of paint onto them..

Pics ahoy..


  1. Replies
    1. Going to be Khorne.. the rolls for the rest of the band didn't really fit Slaanesh being dwarves and ogres..

    2. Dwarves and Ogres need lovin' too! Looking forward to seeing you at the StD table, too bad I have to crush you though.

    3. Khorne crush puny Slaanesh!

      Nice conversion on the undead version of the champion.

  2. Nice warband. Like that you have selected non-chaos minis. I do that myself now and then. /Hans