Monday, 26 August 2013

First Undead Chariot Done

Okay another post..

Not done as much painting as I should have recently. Work has kicked in again and this weekend I have managed to hurt my should limiting what I can do.

I have almost finished my first chariot though. Just need to finish up the basing and glue the chariot in place.

The driver is stuck in place and I filled in the slot for the passenger. the though is that the space at the back is big enough to just put a regular guy on a base there or swap him out for a character if I feel like it.
I have 2 more on the go of these. both have the same setup.


  1. I really like your undead so far, they have that very old and grim aspect I love. The base has just some litle detail to strengthen that feeling without being overcrowded.

    Really great

  2. Thanks guys.. did a bit more on the other two chariots last night while watching evil dead 3 medieval dead. I forgot how funny that film was....

  3. Evil Dead 3, Army of Darkness is a classic. I love the Deadites from it.