Thursday, 29 August 2013

More Chariot Progress

More progress on the chariots...

They are at a stage where I can game with them now. I need to add grass and flowers to the bases but will do that once I have finished the next unit off to do a big lot in one go.
I have also found a banner pole that came with the set which I need to paint up and attach to one of them.

These were nice and easy to paint and a fresh break from rank and file..


  1. Three Undead Chariots - That is truly a formidable force. Nice! /Hans

  2. As always looking good Dale, just a shame from what i heard that Undead Chariots tend to bounce off units, now put a lvl 25 Vampire with a Frostblade or Hellhoned blade in one :)

  3. Said it before and I'll say it again : Brilliant!
    Dark and grim as I like my undead with just the right amount of variety to make them look different.

  4. Thanks again all they were a lot of fun to paint and I will try to get a 4th one sometime ..
    Chico one of the reasons for no passenger glued in place is so I can character them up if I need too ;)