Sunday, 19 January 2014

Imperial fists still going..

2 weeks and 2 updates I'm on a roll... ;)

Still going on the imperial fists and have the first squad nearly done. Im not happy with the sergeant on a couple of bits and need to do squad markings plus basing... but I have 10 done and a rhino halfway.
I have gone with a multimelta and a meltgun for this first squad and the rhino has a waving rhino rider.

Pics below and I'm off to start mixing up my basing blend of sand/slate/heavy duty pva and water. Planning on basing the squad plus a horde of zombies today and maybe a bit of painting this evening.



  1. That shade works really well on the larger surface of the Rhino, well done.

  2. Thanks Paul. Lots to do on it still as it has only just had the ogryn flesh wash. It will be a bit lighter yellow when done and I need to decide what bits to do black aswell.

  3. Love it Dale, keep it up and your'll have them done for the Oldhammer Weekend.. where i an eat them muhahaha

  4. Hope you are bringing tin openers Chico ;) lots of armour is going to be stomping Genestealer scum....

    1. Lucky for me a 'stealer always comes equipped with Can opens. I'll try not to bring more then 5/6 Cult Russ's to show you what real armour is lol (Heh not getting competitive.. honest ;) )