Saturday, 11 January 2014

Rogue Trader Marines - Imperial Fists Test

Okay okay okay I know I promised Squats up next but I got distracted..

I need to get my rogue trader marine army painted for august this year and I was going to be doing Star Scorpions.
Unfortunately they were taking me ages to paint and I got a total of 1 finished and 4 half done before I lost my painting mojo..

Then they sat on the desk taunting me over Christmas....
Last week I decided to do something about it and find a new faster chapter to do. So after much scouring of internet pics I decided on Imperial fists. nice and simple just iyaden darksun with a ogryn flesh wash followed by a highlight of iyaden darksun again then a little bleached bone added into the mix.

Anyway a wip test of the first 4 minis. No squad or chapter marking yet. I need to decide on a nice quick way to do them still.

Let me know what you think.

not much red on them as no chest eagles on the old minis. I have also decided on 2nd company for them as no shoulder pad rims either so the yellow fits in. Another 6 are started to finish up the squad
then I am considering doing a rhino for them too.

and yes those are confrontation tech gangers and the Christmas marines in the background.. More failed Christmas painting attempts......

Until next time


  1. I really like these,. paint more :)

  2. Definitely heading the right way Dale, the chapter choice and colours are excellent. This "not too bright" yellow is absolutely brilliant and will look awesome on th elarge army yu own.
    This yellow Vs black contrast with just tips of red and green here and there is realy nice and quite original since we don't get to see that many imperial fists when it comes to beakies.
    Kepp on the good work mate !

  3. Thanks both of you. They are much more fun to paint and I can also do them after work when I'm knackered as there is nothing difficult on the scheme.
    They will improve once based and symbology is added... Been sorting tanks today and am having to decide if I am keeping to rogue trader only or if I will be adding 2nd edition vindicators, whirlwinds and predators...

    1. Only my 2 cents here but I'd keep the vehicles to rhinos, 1st ed predators bikes, jet bikes and trikes (maybe a deostick grav attack too) . The second ed whirlwind and vindicators are a bit too riveted and square to fit with RT beakies imho.

  4. Lovely work on on some lovely lead. Gorgeous yellow.

  5. Thanks Paul. There should be a lot more to come for this army...

  6. Simple and very effective painting scheme. I am a big fan of these. Nicely done.