Tuesday, 20 May 2014

More Ghosts

Okay a quick post today... 3 more ghosts have joined the ranks bringing the total to 9 so far. 1 is a preslotta citadel ghost with lantern, 1 is the 4th edition ghost with his arms outstretched and the last is a grenadier ghost mini I have in the box of grenadier minis.
I'm not 100% sure I like the 4th edition sculpt (I never really liked it much) but it does herald back to my early fantasy playing days from when I started warhammer in the early 90's so its in..


  1. The grenadier ghost reminds me of a poached egg... now I'm hungry. I have similar thoughts about the 4th ed. ghost but i reckon nostalgia wins out every time :D

  2. Thanks I think? The 4th ed ghost spent near 20 years painted badly like the old white dwarf one in blue with a white face and hands. I think he looks better now though..
    I have some grenadier skeletons to paint at some point and hopefully they won't look like egg's. .