Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ghosts From The Night Horror Range Done

Okay it's been a while I admit it.. Work is still non stop and looks to be this way until mid January now so my painting time is suffering.
On top of that I have been getting a bit bored painting only undead.

So with this in mind and in preparation of the new year a few months back I will be trying a new approach.
I will be painting up my undead alongside my Rogue Trader Marines (see the next post for these).
This should help me keep focused on painting lead a bit better.
I am also planning on mixing in some Necromunda minis at some point too so watch this space..

Anyway diversion aside I have painted up the 6 ghost minis from the Night Horror range.
Nothing special but I am happy with the result. I went from codex grey to elf grey to white and then did 2 thin washes. 1 of thraka green and the other my old favourite devlan mud.
I am pleased with the result and plan of using it on other minis later in the army.

Marines up next..


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