Sunday, 3 November 2013

Star Scorpions - Rogue Trader Space Marine Army WIP

Okay onto my marines then..
Firstly the minis.. This army contains a complete set of rogue trader marines. At least 1 of each variant with some doubles to make up numbers and turn it into an army.
As an army I am looking for a few more bits but as a collection it is done.
I also managed to get my paws on the unreleased chapter standard and the Colin Dixon prototype for the collection..

As an army there are a few bits I am after.
4x Bullock Jet Cycles
1 second version of the bikes (the winged version)
3 terminators with thunder hammer storm shield and the close combat body
1 turbofan jumpack
2 cloaked backpacks

If you have any please let me know :)


Okay the colour scheme will be Star Scorpions. These are essentially the same as the Mentor Legion as the Mentor Legion was given the Star Scorpions colours and chapter number of 888 after the Star Scorpions were declared dead because they could not create more marines due to bad genenseed. Now the back story win WD98 does not say they all died just that the remaining chapter members were declared dead.. Kind of like a MIA chapter really so I am looking at this being there last Hurrah taking it to the Xeno up close.
Now I chose Star Scorpions over Mentors because strictly speaking the Mentor Legion will only ever field 1 or 2 units alongside another force as an Elite Cadre. So seeing as I wanted a chapter in the same colour scheme but wanted to keep the fluff intact I went with the Star Scorpions.
This way I get to keep in line with background story and get to paint the army I like.

So onto what you have probably skipped down past my waffling and onto... Pics

Overview followed by some close ups.



More pics in the next few posts


  1. Get it painted and bring it to the Oldhammer day to get eaten by 'stealers :)

  2. Insane and spendid ! Painting such a force has got to be the most rewarding achievement...
    Congrats for such a collection