Sunday, 3 November 2013

Star Scorpions Close Ups

Okay a few close ups for those squinting at the pic..

The eagle eyed amongst you will spot a painted test mini hidden in amongst 1 of the devastator squads. I forgot to photo him separately while the sun was out so I do not have a good pic of him yet
Hopefully will do this next weekend with an update.
A lot are in an old colour scheme which I was never happy with. I should be able to repaint some of these and will just strip the rest.



  1. Did you buy it in one huge lot or have you just collected like a madman since the RT days?

    Either way, its damn impressive!

  2. Thanks.. I had a few bits left over from the 90s just as 2nd edition started but most of it has been built up in the last 5-6 years. This is probably only 20% of the rogue trader minis I own.


  3. Very Nice Space Marine Army. I like the proper use of the Rhino riders.
    Were you at GamesDay 1990 as well to get the Mk8 Captain ?

    1. Thank you Lee.. I have a few more rhinos riders but am planning on using them for my rt grey knights when I get round to them.
      I did not start until 93-94 so missed getting the captain at the gamesday utility I do remember picking this one along with another in 94 both in blister for 50p each.. ahh the good old days. The other is still leading a friends dark angel army and the one here has been leading various marine armies of mine for near 20 years.