Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Vampires & Wraiths

Okay its been a while but I have an excuse..
Actually not really its winter and I always paint less and that with a couple of illnesses has meant I am behind on what I wanted to get done.
On the plus side though I have been sorting my other armies and seeing what I have and what I need. I have done this to my Squats so expect a post on them sometime.

Anyways I did get some paint onto lead these last few weeks. A few more of the Night Horror Range.
2 more vampires. 1 looks like the classic Nosferatu from the original film and the other is a classic female vampire seen in many films (I just had to do the white hair streak too..).
All 5 of the Wraiths from the Night Horror range are now done as are 2 of the mummies (I got the 3rd after I had based and primed the rest so he is late to the party).

Enjoy and Squats up soon..

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