Sunday, 7 April 2013

I Have Painted Something.....

Okay it has finally happened... I spent all week sorting and washing Rogue Trader era Orks for a trade after discovering they got a bit gunky while moving. this morning I realised that I had not done what I wanted to do. Paint at least 1 mini a week for the blog.
So I sat down at 8am and started on Sigfried a Lvl 5 Necromancer for my 3rd edition army...

He is the old FA25 necromancer mini. Not a great sculpt but he has character. I have not done the base yet and the final wash of devlan mud had not dried when the pic was done. There are a few bits I want to finish up but that will be later on.

Back view

A bit about him.

Sigfried was a priest in a small town. Turned to the priesthood after his wife and love died having there daughter. Years later an overzealous witch hunter stopped by in the town searching for a staff of bone he had heard rumour of. Not finding what he wanted and being refused entry to the sacred crypts by Sigfried he turned to the daughter.
Declaring her a witch Sigfried daughter was killed in what Sigfried saw as a spiteful attempt at revenge by the witch hunter and the Empire in general.
In a fit of rage Sigfried smashed the sacred seals of the crypt protecting the relics and bodies of prominent members of the imperial villages past. Upon finding the staff he snatched it up originally intending upon destroying the sacred relic.
Upon snatching it from the dead hands of a long forgotten sorcerer the staff sprung back to wakefulness from its slumber. Detecting Sigfrieds intention it instead whispered incantations of power into his mind. showing him how he could take his revenge not only against the witch hunter but against the very empire that sent him here.
Sigfried possessed with new thoughts and ideas embraced such a plot and ventured further into the crypts to search out suitable warriors for his revenge....

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