Sunday, 21 April 2013

Painted Undead Minis....

Okay its official, I am actually painting my lead pile :)

Firstly apologies for those expecting an update last week I contracted deadly man flu and played the xbox all weekend..

I did not get everything I wanted done as a lot of the week was absorbed sorting through my minis again and shelving a 40k RT Ork horde (which will be being painted on this blog at some point) and ebaying the bits I don't want (go check it out there is a forgeworld baneblade at 99p start)..

Okay apologies and flogging my crap over here is what I've got so far. I have not based anything yet, still gathering materials for it. Just need stones now...

Front view of my first 2 Reapers (left is pre-slotta)

Rear view of the Reapers

and the WiP Reapers

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