Sunday, 28 April 2013

Little Distractions... Squats are here.

Okay painting skele's all week every week is a hard task for me as I have a lot of minis and I always seem to have a new flavour of the week.
Earlier this week I decided to sort my Squat army out and start assembling and putting them up on one of the display units.
Before I new what was going on I had primed and painted a test mini. This has lead to a unit... nothing special as they are just rank and file.


  1. Lovely Rogue Trader goodness, well done. I like your use of limited colours with the occasional flash of brightness like the blue of the goggles, it looks great.

    Thanks for adding the follow button!

  2. These look great...I have some Squats on deck and these are great inspiration! Thanks for posting.