Monday, 1 April 2013

Okay the big intro post.. bare with me while I learn this site I am sure it will get better over time.
I have been gaming since the late 80s where I started with DnD. It wasn't until I went past the Peterborough GW in around 93/94 that I first got into wargaming and when I did I was hooked.

I first started with Undead for fantasy and Chaos for 40k. My undead grew over the next decade until a climatic game at the GW store where I fielded 25,000pts vs all the stores armies plus whatever people brought in. Later that year I moved down south to Hastings and traded off my undead for fantasy chaos..

I built these up through 5th and 6th edition but the game itself had lost a lot and I turned to collecting only. A few years later I sold off my chaos at around 85% of a complete collection to go into Rogue Trader collecting.

I am still collecting rogue trader minis now and so far have completed Marines, Chaos Marines, Eldar, Slann and am still hunting the remaining pieces for squats, guard, orks, genestealers. Some of these are very rare now and I am happy to say I have a few of the unreleased and limited release minis too. A lot of these are in storage at the moment as I moved at Christmas 2012/2013 and work has slowed the unpacking to a crawl.

Around Christmas time I found the joy of 3rd edition warhammer and was again instantly hooked and started getting the minis I always wanted when I first started but could not afford on my pocket money/paper round. Now a few months later with numerous ebay bids and trading I have a sizable army consisting of minis from the preslotta range through to a few newer minis I  particularly enjoy.

This blog will help me paint my minis up over the coming years and I will be posting battle reports once I have sorted out scenery and opponents...

For now enjoy a pic of my army on a 4ft by 4ft gaming table of which I have 2 that will be redone at some point for fantasy games...

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