Saturday, 1 June 2013

Here Be Dragons..

Afternoon all..

A lot has happened last few weeks to stop me painting. Most significantly was my cooker dying and trying to kill me with carbon monoxide. Thankfully we had an alarm in the building.
If you do not have one I cannot stress how important one is. For less than half the price of a box of space marines one of these will keep you safe from the odourless killer..

Anyway enough about that and onwards with some lead (I know lead is bad for me too).

Recently I got a lovely dragon mini off ebay but in true ebay style the pic used was from Solegends (awesome website) and the one I received was not quite as pictured.
Mainly it had 2 left arms and was missing a leg. Even worse was that the spare arm was damaged so its no good for trading either, so I guess its to the mutations box with it. Eventually I got a partial refund and managed to source a spare leg from a different seller.

I am planning on doing this a bit different seeing as it is a large mini I will be showing several Wip pics as it goes along.

so here it is as it stands now

Had a dry run fitting and the left wing and arm share a socket so its going to be a pain to assemble but I have my own fire dragon :)

More updates soon

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