Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Oldhammer Painting Month

Hi all,

Midweek update ;)
Over on the Oldhammer forum a group of us have started painting together to help get some of the mountain of lead we own between us painted before it either rots away or we do..
It started last weekend and finishes up at the end of July. Now with this in mind and a realisation of just how much lead I have I have started to paint with a new outlook.
I have picked a unit of 30 skeletons mixed between the original FTS series preslotta, later C series preslotta and a splattering of later slotta skellies from marauder, GW and good Old Bob Olleys own.

This is how they started out. I will put some updates up next weekend. Not a great pic but I will do better next week.

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  1. I thought I was already late but seeing unbased and unprimed models makes me feel less alone. ^^ Looking forward to seeing your progresison.