Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Lead Again

Had a few more parcels turn up these last couple of weeks with some new toys inside :)
The postman must be getting sick of weighty parcels always coming here...

Finally got a start to the Sven scenario minis with 4 Norse, 5 Slann and a Slave. Some preslotta dwarves in there including the mail order special. A skeleton standard again preslotta. 2 new preslotta zombies 1 of which is the zombie corpse or as my friend put it a zombie laying in wait for a nearby snack human to arrive. Plus a few other goodies as you can see.
There is a few I am not sure on what they are but I like them all so I am happy..


  1. Oooooh some nice toys in that bunch, now get on with that Dragon :)

  2. Thanks Chico.. I am planning on getting more done this week on the dragon before the painting event starts on the forum ;)