Wednesday, 12 June 2013

More Dragon WiP

Okay I'm still here.. Painting is slowing to a glacial speed due to trying to sort the games room and moving miniatures 1 at a time takes hours :(
I did sign up for the Oldhammer painting challenge though which starts on the 15th. Basically you get 1 month to paint up a single unit/warband/monster etc. and then post your pics for a vote.. No prizes its just to help to motivate which is just what I need.

Anyway pics.. its a bit late and gloomy so not great images I am afraid.. Ahh well I am not photo expert and if its not blurred or has a finger over the lens its a win for me.


  1. This dragon looks very promising ! The colour is just perfect. The undead lead behind seem to be in the line for the next paintjob...

    Is there still a way to sign in for this Oldhammer painting challenge? That could help boost up mywork on some champions...

    1. You can indeed sign up for the painting. Pop over to the oldhammer forum and pm just john.. it is starting this Saturday and I should be putting up my wip on here..

  2. Thanks dude. I'll try to sign in.