Sunday, 30 June 2013

Monthly Challenge Continued

5 more rank and file for the unit... The skeleton on the far left was in the first blister pack I bought decades ago.


  1. I reaaly like the weathering and rust effect on the armour. The dirty bone look also fits nicely compared to bright white sequellies clad in shining new gear....
    That's how undead should be painted !
    You're advancing well Dale, you should have some very fine unit in hands at the end of the month.

  2. Agreed, nice looking undead there, you can never have too much rust and dirt on them in my opionion.

    I always thought it a little odd when they got shiny "as new" paintjobs when they had been clearly sculpted with that "seen better days" look.

    Looking forward to seeing the force grow.


  3. Really like those skeletons in full armor. I saw your entry post as well and that is a very very very impressive army. Looking forward for some more undead. Thx/Hans

  4. Thanks for the comments all more to come soon.. I am doing another batch tonight and looking to do shields and bases at the weekend finally finishing a unit (that's the theory anyway).
    I am having second thoughts with basing at the moment and need to decide on colours..