Saturday, 15 June 2013

Genestealer Cult Testers

Okay a few test minis for my future Hybrid army today.. The Patriarch was actually painted a while back and traded away but I got it back on Thursday and he fits in perfect with the army so far.

Next post will be some more fantasy. On the Oldhammer forum I have joined up with a painting league/no prize com to help lazy people like myself get stuff done :)
It is a unit a month or upto 30 minis. So today I am prepping, assembling and basing the unit and I should  start painting them tomorrow.
I am also planning on doing a few random bits here and there for fresh pics here on the blog but I do not want to spoil my entry by posting it here just yet ;)

Anyway Hybrid Goodness for you.. I will be using Catachans for the brood brothers. The muscles are the result of alien dna.. Its the only logical explanation as to why a Marine chapter has not jumped onto the planet to use there obvious strength trait to create a superior marine chapter........


  1. What are those bugs like things? i must get some :)And you better not buy my Hybrids of ebay or i'll kill you ;)

  2. Aha, there is no other logical explanation , you are right!

    I believe the bugs are squigs since they could bith be used for orks and nids.

    I prieed my entry minis yesterday night to send the starting pic this morning, I'm very eager to see what will be in the challenge.

  3. They are indeed squigs.. they are the big squigs made for the nids. Not easy to get and can go for sillymoney. Be patient though and you can pick them up cheap.

  4. Arhh yes of course they are, stupid me. Many thanks